road trip

Tips for traveling with a pet on the road


The high season of travelers in USA is approaching and, therefore, many are already preparing their next car vacation in the country with the best energy to undertake the adventure. For the trip to be a quiet experience and leave the best memories, it is important to take into account the road prevention and maintenance measures for the car; but, in addition to that, if within the plans you are taking the pet, so as not to leave it in a nursery or with the neighbor, it is very important to take into account the following recommendations given by the experts of Mac Batteries so that it is prepared to any eventuality

Not all pets are suitable for travel

We know that pets are one more member of the family and their company is very important, but their health is more important. Ideally, consult a veterinarian first to have a professional concept before traveling. Additionally, there are other factors that allow you to determine if it is a good idea to take it for

Road: the years, their race and species, if they are used to traveling by car and medical history.

Prepare the luggage

When packing, you have to leave a space for what the pet needs: enough food, plenty of water for the ride in the car, ectoparasite product (if traveling on warm ground), favorite toy, leash or harness, snacks and, if possible, a portable fan or fan to make the heat adaptation process easier. In general, cold weather is easier for them than hot.

Crate, cage or other

The mere fact of changing the environment can generate a high degree of stress for the pet, that is why the crate, cage or other, must be inside the luggage. In the first hours it is better to leave it inside it, as it is a space that it already recognizes and where its smell makes it feel safe. When passing the hours or in intervals, it will be necessary to free it, everything will depend on how it reacts.

Stop more, know more

For all the crew to make stops to stretch the legs will be a relief, but for the pet it will be vital. And, although it seems at first a bad idea because the arrival at the final destination will be delayed, it will be the perfect reason to know and that the pet can run, drink water and go to the bathroom. So from the beginning it will be essential to plan those other hours in different parts of the journey that, surely, not only the pet will enjoy.

Ideal temperature

Taking into account the difficulty that most pets have to change the temperature, air conditioning the car will help make the process easier, so it will not drown or shake from the cold. Therefore, before starting the trip, you should check the battery and make sure it is well charged, so that during the road trip you can provide maximum power to the vehicle.

A battery of excellent quality and performance is vital not only to allow a normal start and start of the car, but to provide the energy needed by the other components of the car to function properly (lights, sound equipment, air conditioning, etc.) . In short, a good battery not only guarantees a smooth trip, but makes it more fun and bearable, both for people and for animals on board.