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Tenerife landmarks

Tenerife has a lot to offer! The nature of the Canary Island completely blew me away. Here are my 10 things you should definitely do on the island and how I experienced them. Get out of the hotel, into the car and off you go!

1. Day trip to Teide National Park

The Teide is the highest mountain in Spain at around 3700m and that is not the only reason why you should pay a visit to the volcano when you are in Tenerife. The region around the Pico de Teide belongs to the UNESCO natural heritage and offers an incredibly beautiful landscape.

For those who are not so enthusiastic about hiking, you can also easily drive up the mountain by car. Of course not all the way to the top, but far enough to marvel at the constantly changing landscape. Sometimes you feel like on the moon, sometimes like in the jungle and sometimes like in the Black Forest.

We spent almost a whole day photographing, marveling, reading and picnicking in the national park. In the end we hiked for 2 hours and almost broke the 2500 meter mark. Yeah baby! : P

It is definitely a blatant feeling when you are suddenly above the clouds or in the clouds.

2. Marvel at dolphins / whales in Los Gigantes

Up until this trip I have never seen dolphins or whales in their natural habitat (where they belong!) And therefore whale watching was one of my absolute must-do’s on Tenerife. Goodness I was excited! 🙂

At first I thought “Oh, these are only big animals that live in the water. So why make such a fuss about it? ”But when I saw a swarm of dolphins swimming next to our boat for the first time, I was completely freaked out. How beautiful are these animals, please? You are really happy like a little child. Incredible!

At the gigantic cliffs Los Gigantes, which are a sight in themselves, you can sail out in the harbor with a small boat. The trip costs only € 15 and takes 2 hours. After you have examined the animals, you go to a bay on the cliffs and you can jump from the boat into the water. Don’t forget your snorkel! 😉

3. Visit the black beach of Montaña Roja

Tenerife is a volcanic island and has an incredible variety of landscapes. There are green parts, whole areas on which nothing grows, long gold beaches and beaches with black sand.

That was also something I have never experienced before, walking barefoot through coal-black sand. It’s a very comical feeling when you’ve walked through light sand all your life. It is particularly strange when you cannot see what the next wave will bring because it is also black.

If you are looking for a black sand beach in Tenerife, you should visit the beach at Montaña Roja. Because not only is it particularly beautiful (and abandoned!), But also the Montaña Roja is very beautiful to look at. As the name suggests, the mountain is red. A red mountain on a black beach, that’s Tenerife!

4. Bathe in one of the many natural pools

This was also at the top of my list of things I really wanted to do. Tenerife has an incredible number of natural pools. We picked out the two that looked the coolest in Google Images Search.

I have to say that I am a little shit and reluctant to go into waters where you can’t see the bottom. I just don’t like the uncertainty of not knowing what’s under me. This is the case in the natural pools.

For everyone who feels the same way:

I’ve developed a trick over the years. I jump from the bank / stairs onto the arm of my companion. No joke! : P Then she has to carry me around, but mostly I’m not long in the water anyway. In some cases I dare to swim alone after a while.

What to do if you are alone or if you cannot expect your companion to carry you around? Then you need rubber water shoes or you jump from the shore directly into the water. Small tip on the side. : P

In Tenerife I can recommend the Garachico Natural Pool and the Natural Pool in Puerto de Santiago, near Los Gigantes.

These were my top 5 things to do in Tenerife. More didn’t fit in 4 days.

You can also go hiking in the Anaga Mountains, visit the famous mountain village of Masca, visit the pyramids of Güimar, try paragliding, swim with turtles, heat with the jet ski over the water and much more!

So don’t just chill in the hotel complex, but explore Tenerife! 🙂